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effusively sociable


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befitting or characteristic of those who incline to social exclusiveness and who rebuff the advances of people considered inferior

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The often needy Johnson, searching for approval, and the Senate--smaller and clubbier than the House, where Johnson frequently had felt immersed and ignored-were made for each other.
Decor is bright blues, whitewood tables with frosted glass inserts and sculpted banquettes and chairs - standard designer fare, relieved by a few nice touches aimed at creating a cosier, clubbier atmosphere than the mega-canteens polluting other parts of Soho.
Musically this album - produced by Ice's old partner in crime Dr Dre - has a clubbier, more dance-friendly feel than its immediate predecessor.
With the same rootsy vocals as Emeli Sande or Adele, the music has a clubbier edge with big dubstep drops and a beat you can't not groove to.
The bar downstairs is straight out of The Jetsons, while the upstairs bar is clubbier and features a pair of upholstered horseshoe booths.
We have this great new track Unite, which is deeper and clubbier than the last album's stuff.
But it was on the clubbier tracks that the New Yorkers really delivered.
Sean's fifth album, Last Train To Paris, is his first in four years but continues the clubbier sound of 2006's Press Play, which included UK top 10 hits Come To Me, featuring Nicole Scherzinger and Tell Me, featuring Christina Aguilera.
MOBY returns to his rave-oriented roots with a clubbier late-night and relatively lush though muted collection of songs.