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BAGZZ OF FUN: Clubbers scramble for the fantastic free goodie bags; HUGZZ: Never a dull moment on the Buzz-Bacardi Club Wipeout Tour; BEAT OF THE BUZZ: Punters at The Dome in Cavan and Club Eden in Newcastle picked up prizes for the best dance moves; RUM COMPANY: No better night out for pals than the Big Buzz-Bacardi Rum Wipeout Tour in association with Sunday People
Around 80pc of licensees,50pc of taxi drivers and 64pc of night clubbers thought cheap drinks offers were a contributing factor.
A shop employee said: "Most clubbers were well-behaved but there was always a minority who were more loutish than others.
But Carl Jobe, a partner in Bambu, said clubbers were not being encouraged to enjoy X-rated antics.
Officers warned clubbers to seek advice about drugs and make sure they had access to medical help in case problems arose.
This is my chance to give something back to clubbers, music wise, " said Dundgey, who has been a Time Flies resident for the past 18 months.
LET'S GO CRAZY: Inspired by Wipeout dancers, clubbers take to the floor; SPOTLIGHT: Party-goers get into the spirit of the Buzz/Bacardi Club tour; BUZZ-BAGS: Hundreds of clubbers took home gifts of fabulous goodie-bags
The picture of clubbers swamping towards the doors of Northampton's Lava Ignite was taken at 3.
A CLUBBER was left fighting for his life and three more men collapsed after they took a mystery liquid drug at a top Liverpool nightclub.
But anti-drug campaigners last night said clubbers trying out the new high could literally DIE laughing.
CLUBBERS are being warned to be on their guard after a sex attack by a bogus taxi driver.
Police have urged women clubbers to be on their guard in the wake of rising robbery rates.
Overall,more than half of night clubbers said they felt safe in the town.
FOR the legions of clubbers who have flocked to Liverpool over the last decade, this final fling for the once- mighty Cream had a solemn side.
While the producers of the tongue-in-cheek piece expected to raise a smile, they were not prepared for the huge response from clubbers eager to get an invite and DJs wanting to play at the event.