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inclined to club together


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The image we have from his books and his life is that here is a clubbable, sociable man, a raconteur with vast experience of life; a man of action as well as an intellectual who has worked as a journalist, learning to adapt his writing to different readers, hence his popular mass market books on the paranormal and on crime, as opposed to his literary scholarship.
As a leaked 2,000-page Ministry of Defense document reveals, the most effective journalists are those who are regarded in places of power not as embedded or clubbable, but as a "threat",.
Well, if you are more reclusive than clubbable, you could receive some extra attention this weekend, but don't worry, it probably will be of the most pleasing kind.
The courteous and clubbable Goldrein was a natural bridge builder, prepared to reach out to his opposite numbers in the Labour party when needed.
The result is a sort of Darwinian natural selection that ensures corporate, clubbable journalists rise to the top and select in their image those who follow behind them.
by HE Bates; The Birds on the Trees by Nina Bawden; A Place in England by Melvyn Bragg; Down All the Days by Christy Brown; Bomber by Len Deighton; Troubles by JG Farrell; The Circle by Elaine Feinstein; The Bay of Noon by Shirley Hazzard; A Clubbable Woman by Reginald Hill; I'm the King of the Castle by Susan Hill; A Domestic Animal by Francis King; The Fire Dwellers by Margaret Laurence; Out of the Shelter by David Lodge; A Fairly Honourable Defeat by Iris Murdoch; Fireflies by Shiva Naipaul; Master and Commander by Patrick O'Brian; Head to Toe by Joe Orton; Fire from Heaven by Mary Renault; A Guilty Thing Surprised by Ruth Rendell; The Driver's Seat by Muriel Spark; and The Vivisector by Patrick White.
As a result, "[a] white trustee's panopticon overwhelms and terrifies Ellison's narrative into hiding its own best self" (6) and the novel "misses, of course, all the nascent energy of Civil Rights and Black Power" and instead "produced a clubbable monster in Ellison" (5).
Fans of the Fat Man are in for a treat, but newcomers should start with an earlier book, such as A Clubbable Woman.
Cars of bitter-sweet smelling leather upholstery and clubbable, self-made men who liked to call their wives memsahib.
Although the art-world expressions are blue chip and emergent, other apposite oppositions between Gagosian and Brown might be commercial versus experimental and uptown clubbable versus street credible.
While nobody would suggest that a requirement for becoming Prime Minister is to be, in Samuel Johnson's phrase, "a clubbable man", it is none the less remarkable that someone could ascend to that office without having gathered at least a few genuinely close "mates" along the way.
In a room, he is clubbable but a touch shy, very unlike another of his predecessors, Archbishop Robert Runcie, memorably described by one Anglican bishop as blending with a crowd like instant coffee meeting Water.
Peter Morris was a more tolerant, clubbable, accommodating personality than were the mysterious "Z" and "Scorpion" of Blackwood's.