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inclined to club together


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Britishness, Clubbability, and the Colonial Sphere: The Genealogy of the Imperial Institution of Colonial India.
She had the courage to stand out against the oligarchic clubbability of the European Council in which benefits are bartered to the detriment of national interests.
Mrinalini Sinha, "Britishness, Clubbability, and the Colonial Public Sphere: The Genealogy of an Imperial Institution in Colonial India," Journal of British Studies 40 (October 2001): 491; for a more comprehensive exploration of this concept see Mrinalini Sinha, Colonial Masculinity: The 'Manly Englishman' and the 'Effeminate Bengali' in the Late Nineteenth Century, (Manchester, 1995).
Fundamental here was the reception and construction of Horace as an honorary English gentleman who represented the values of the male and homosocial Victorian English elite: moderation, clubbability, leisured gentility, patriotism, and (even) religion.
Roy Porter has explained how this trend enabled the culture of clubbability to develop (1-18).
Is it knowledge, a particular role, skills, charisma, experience, clubbability, impudence, commitment, insouciance .