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shaped in the form of the black trefoil or clover leaf on some playing cards

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shaped in the form of a club that is larger at one end

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Diagnosis: The species is recognized by the combination of numerous short, club-shaped or blunt abdominal setae (Fig.
Abdomen: Oval, truncated anteriorly; abdominal dorsum bearing short, transparent club-shaped setae interspersed with 12-14 long dark brown blunt setae arranged in two lateral groups; other abdominal setae transparent.
However, based on 2 described species in Prolivatis, this genus can be distinguished from Punana by the following characters: antennal pedicel slender and long, cylindrical; genital styles slender and narrow; ventral margin of pygofer with a median club-shaped or ball-shaped projection and a pair of lateral lanceolate lobes and aedeagus laterally with several long spinose processes.
Females possess a flask-shaped epigynal atrium and long, club-shaped spermathecae.
The specially developed club-shaped 250ml PET containers are filled here too, and capped with snap-on closures, featuring a sealing lip for sterility and a breakaway band.
When released the club-shaped front leg -one of nature's most lethal weapons -lashes out to kill prey.
The coronaviruses, named for their crownlike appearance in which a loosely wound center is neatly surrounded by club-shaped performers, are a case in point.
Its leathery, grey green leaves which are covered with silvery markings form a vase out of which sprouts a bold club-shaped flower spike that's tightly packed with pink flower spikes, through which peep vivid lilac blue flowers.
The bacterium is a small, club-shaped rod that gets its long name from the tuberculoid lesions.
Hope was born with a condition called "split hand deformity," giving her a thumb and one finger on each hand and small, club-shaped feet.
5x eye stalk diameter), vague granulated structure mesally on scutum, pruinose T-cross on scutum, large rounded apical wing spot, pale 'iridescent' subapical band between apical wing spot and central infuscation, slender front femora, whitish apical four tarsal segments of front leg, brown terga, trapezoid [female] sternum 7, [female] tergum 8 and sternum 8 single sclerites, wrinkled sausage-shaped spermathecae with small tubercles, ellipse-shaped to rounded epandrium, non-articulated surstyli in lateral and posterior view club-shaped (basally strongly constricted), and (probably) low sexual dimorphism in eye span (D ~ 1.
In science, what club-shaped instrument is used to pound or crush substances that are placed in a mortar?
4a, c); right paramere club-shaped, with a subperpendicular shaft (Figs 8d, 11c, 13c); genital opening of pygophore without tubercles (Figs.