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someone who is a member of a club

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To allow PPS Club members to qualify for the Solitaire tier faster, the qualification requirement for Solitaire PPS Club membership will be changed to S$50,000 PPS Value1 within a membership year.
Young Elite Savers Club members receive Commercial Bank's competitive savings rates of up to 1.
PONY Club members taking part in this summers' British Showjumping National Championships will receive special recognition for their efforts for the first time this year.
The prize will include a cash award of USD100,000 for the lucky W Club member during Labour Day Weekend.
Those plantings continue today and Maryland club members remain committed to McKeon's verdant vision.
She invites other young women to join her in helping to bring about as many positive societal changes as possible by joining their youthful energies to the years of experience of the older club members.
To make sure the next generation takes part in the market, M&M club members give stock to high school and college graduates.
Rotary members Jan Meek, Phyllis Tewfik, Kelly Gilliland, Jill Haney, Lynda Nickolai and Nickolai's son Bryan Sarfaty each assisted a small group of club members.
Garen Yegparian of Burbank is a Sierra Club member and trainer for the club's Wilderness Travel Course, an intensive 10-week training course in wildlife survival and navigation.
1 -- 2) Above, Santa Susana Kiwanis Club members, from left, Millie Gunn, Jere Sinclair, Lori Zafiropoulos, Santa Susana High School Key Club adviser Teri Brotherton and Key Club member Katie Aiani donate handmade dolls, right, for sick and traumatized children to Simi Valley Hospital's emergency department.
Dairy Queen([R]) will reward the 1-millionth Blizzard Fan Club member with a $1,000 Blizzard Gift Card and a party for that member and 20 friends at a DQ.
My husband was a ski club member and we met through friends.
But there is no one type of investment club or one type of club member.
The first time we did it we had no idea what to expect,'' said Clay Friedman, a club member who volunteered his boat for the kids.
It's great that Kiwanis can organize this and we can all come together and make it happen,'' said new club member Vicki Galli.
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