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(golf) the head of the club which strikes the ball

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This helps stabilize the club head during impact," said Solheim, "and it provides resistance to twisting on heel or toe shots for greater accuracy, while also reducing loft changes on shots hit high or low on the club face.
I guess the short message is distance doesn't really matter,'' said Dan Hernandez, former Valencia Country Club head professional and one of several area teaching pros happy to see that message demonstrated so vividly.
Mr Gorse, who worked for Arrows Formula One motor racing team while at Coventry University, said: "I was intrigued as to why existing golf club heads look so dynamically inept when speed seems to be a significant design parameter.
Five years of development resulted in the patented, stainless steel DV8 coupler which connects up to 14 titanium and stainless steel club heads to a choice of two shafts in under three seconds.
As the club returns to the impact position, the hands must pass the golf ball first, followed by the club head.
El-Zend also claimed that El-Husseiny had made several offensive statements before, adding that he should have stepped down from supervising investigations against the club head, citing the chancellor's bias.
The Sole Channels help golfers keep their club steady throughout the entire swing, and the design also lets grass or sand flow beneath the club head when golfers are shooting out of a tough spot.
To book a place, phone Rainbow Judo Club head coach Eric Salway on 07734 773449 or email info@rainbowjudoclub.
Levski Sofia football club head coach Georgi Ivanov's resignation in the wake of the 3-0 league defeat from Litex Lovech was rejected by club owner Todor Batkov.
Miura (2001) studied the effects of the inward pull action of the golf club at impact and determined that this action increased the energy transfer to the club and the resulting club head velocity.
Club head coach Rob Atkin said: "This cash boost is fantastic news for the ongoing development of girls football in our region in 2008.
A full shoulder turn increases club head speed without swinging harder.
ProTee will launch a couple of add-ons this year: Vertical Sensors (which measure the Club head attack angle, the ball launch angle etc.
Keeping your elbow still, resting on your thigh, slowly turn your hand which will move the club head in an arc in front of you
The UST Proforce shaft stiffens towards the end and this gives the club head more stability.