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railroad car having a bar and tables and lounge chairs

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The latest investment went into the first two solar-powered club cars sold in the Middle East.
Resort general manager and regional manager Jordan, Bruno Huber said: "Our new club cars transport daily three times as many guests as the conventional model and we reduce our electricity bill -- what an incredible win-win situation
The latest investment went into the first two solar powered Club Cars sold in the Middle East.
Our new Club Cars transport daily three times as many guests as the conventional model and we also reduce our electricity bill," stated Bruno Huber, general manager of the resort.
I saw a club car on its side, with scrape marks on the road where the vehicle had skidded to a stop.
He said that as they were tipping, he thought that if he stiff-armed the road, he could stop the club car from tipping and push it back onto four wheels.
All Connect by Hertz club cars meet or exceed the voluntary fuel emissions standards set by the EU.
Peter Berresford, Head of Operations for Brunel University, commented: "Brunel University is delighted to be able to supplement our existing transport options with dedicated Connect by Hertz club cars.
He asked the United boss for a club car after the senior members told him he deserved one.
will feature the two meticulously restored art-deco style club cars.
There are thousands of Club Cars in operation in the UAE alone.
At the center, visitors can rent electric bikes, starting at $5 an hour, or electric club cars, starting at $10 an hours, to explore on their own.
Rangers chairman David Murray has stripped drink-drive stars Ally McCoist and John Brown of their club cars as a punishment.
Each of the two club cars has a grand piano, marble-top bar, plush sofas and chairs.
Featured on the train's dining cars, club cars, and observation car will be an assortment of the fine quality merchandise for which Neiman Marcus is known, including a special selection of women's and men's apparel and accessories, jewelry, epicure items, toys, decorative and tabletop gifts, and fragrances.
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