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a test for diagnosing reading ability

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To ensure the validity of the cloze test contents, it was constructed according to the suggestions and views of experts in this field obtained through library research as in sub-topic 4.
Some students even inserted did not before could in the cloze test as a result of overemphasis of relating did to simple past.
On the following day, the Cloze Test and the Strategy-Use Test were given.
The same researchers also found a positive but rather modest link between FI and satisfactory scores on cloze tests with a similar group of adult learners.
Wilson, Mood, Risk, and Kershaw (9003) used the Rapid Estimate of Adult Literacy in Medicine (REALM) to test reading recognition and the Cloze test to measure reading comprehension in their study of 238 randomly selected patients receiving radiation therapy at two Midwest urban radiation oncology centers.
The words deleted from the original text used to design the Cloze test are considered "easy" for the learners on the advanced level represented by the subjects (all the words appear in low frequency bands; cf.
Molto interessante in particolare per il nostro studio e risultata la comparazione ulteriore proposta da Caulfield e Smith (58-83) tra cloze test e reduced redundancy test (ossia test a ridondanza ridotta): come si vedra in seguito infatti la procedura cloze in tutte le sue forme e molti altri sistemi di verifica delle competenze linguistiche (sulla prima o seconda lingua) chiamano in causa la nozione di ridondanza, che riprenderemo in maniera piu dettagliata nel seguito dell'articolo.
Participants in the Bulgarian and Spanish groups were judged as low-intermediate learners of English on the basis of an independent measure of proficiency: a cloze test (see Slabakova 1997c for details).
For the table above, each variable was used to predict difficulty (on the Rasch b Scale) of 256 DRP test passages -- graded reading passages with corresponding modified cloze test questions.
The researchers found that for the majority of the 145 students with learning disabilities (LD) who received this type of service, the reading score on a brief cloze test (Basic Academic Skills,Samples) was unsatisfactory.
Replacement test, Cloze test exercise and text reconstruction were all based on the text of the English book of grade fourth which was taught in the class to the participants.
The McLeod works as a cloze test, one in which students must use context clues and reading strategies in order to fill in missing words.
Similarly, researchers have also indicated that cloze tests measure word recognition (Nation & Snowling, 1997), and that there is a stronger link between cloze tests and decoding, than for multiple-choice tests (Francis et al.
This website provides a word processor toolbar that can transform any text into dassroom activities, such as crosswords, bingo cards, and cloze tests.
As Reppen suggests, it may be useful in developing cloze tests or vocabulary activities, which reflect authentic texts and exposure to real language.