cloze procedure

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a test for diagnosing reading ability

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The cloze procedure as a test of plagiarism: the influences of text readability.
More costly and time-consuming techniques such as the Cloze Procedure are necessary to actually measure readability.
Cloze Procedure, using the provided Word Bank A long time ago in China, there was a boy named Ping who loved flowers.
Some links are powerful in that they offer various reading strategies such as reading aloud, rearranging scrambled stories, cloze procedures, etc.
The cloze procedure is justified on the assumption that a person who is either a native speaker of the language tested or a reasonably proficient non-native speaker should be able to anticipate what words belong in the blanks given the contextual clues of the passage.
A cloze procedure was also employed to estimate the difficulty of the text.
The cloze procedure has been demonstrated in the L2 literature to have substantial concurrent validity as an integrative test of overall proficiency in English as a second language (Hinofotis 1980; Irvine et al.
Future research needs to address the use of these strategies, given other comprehension formats than our use of a modified cloze procedure.