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a test for diagnosing reading ability

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The subsequent posttask comprised cloze exercises based on the introductory passage.
In the first study, modest effects were found when only a Cloze passage activity was used for computer instruction.
The text includes inventories and checklists to assess the interests and priorities of children, teens, and adults; graded word recognition lists and reader's passages; phonics and structural analysis inventories; English language learning, spelling, arithmetic, visual and auditory discrimination, preliteracy and emerging literacy, and cloze tests; and instructions for evaluating language abilities and constructing curriculum-based assessments.
The reading comprehension section uses a modified Cloze method, where every fifth to seventh word is omitted and a list of choices are provided for a fill-in-the-blank answer.
R]] Framework for Reading and the cloze item testing methodology, Total Reader combines reading practice and assessment.
12) I choose to emphasize the similarities between Till We Have Faces and medieval dream visions like Pearl not to deny the importance of Apuleius or indeed the numerous classical authors that work their way into the narrative; Myers has even argued, perhaps without too much hyperbole, that "[r]eading Till We Have Faces without the [Greek] classics is like taking a cloze test, in which every fifth word is blanked out" ("Browsing" 73).
8226; a variety of interactive exercises such as cloze, multiple choice, video quiz, and other tools to practice and test listening, grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.
Westwood (2007) identifies one way to alleviate this frustration and to bring attention to meaning is to engage in a cloze exercise.
Results indicated a statistically significant difference between the mean posttest cloze scores of the SSR group and both the SS and TP conditions.
Similarly, researchers have also indicated that cloze tests measure word recognition (Nation & Snowling, 1997), and that there is a stronger link between cloze tests and decoding, than for multiple-choice tests (Francis et al.
Another way of reinforcing rimes in the context of a text is to immerse students in a modified cloze passage.
One of the seven accounting textbook readability studies completed in the last twenty-five years (Adelberg & Razek, 1984) used the Cloze Procedure.