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Synonyms for cloying

overly sweet

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They cheered as she converted the great Lionel Barrymore from crusty old curmudgeon to loveable grandpa in The Little Colonel, so cloyingly sentimental that the dialogue was drowned by the sound of heartfelt sniffs from the stalls.
When you do this with a Verlasso fish you don't end up with something that is cloyingly fatty.
In that traversal, from the sere, sunbaked plains of his first feature to the aqueous tourist sites of Mont-Saint-Michel and Versailles in his latest, the voice-over--perhaps the defining feature of Ma lick's cinema--has swollen from the thrilling folk ironies of Sissy Spacek's and Linda Manz's vernaculars in Badlands and Days of Heaven (1978), respectively, into sotto voce bombast, cloyingly reliant on such rhetorical forms as anaphora and aposiopesis.
When we first meet Celeste (Rashida Jones) and Jesse (Andy Samberg), they look to be your typical happy, cloyingly cute couple - who just so happen to live separately.
Queen Latifah and Dolly Parton are well matched as fiery matriarchs of an ailing church choir, and both actresses enjoy sparky dialogue, but Graff's script is simplistic and cloyingly sentimental.
Must-have: While driving through Jaipur, stop for some crunchy pyaaz ki kachori and the cloyingly sweet ghevar.
Queen Latifah and Dolly Parton are well matched as the fiery matriarchs of an ailing church choir, and both actresses enjoy sparky dialogue and some stirring solos, but Graff's script is simplistic and cloyingly sentimental.
I expect it to be cloyingly sweet, but it's dry and effervescent, with floral notes that register in the olfactory senses like drinkinga bouquet of flowers.
Montherlant's somewhat conventional view of women in sport was in the end indicative of his sexist attitude towards women in general, an antifeminism that at worst characterized women as socially and intellectually conformist, susceptible to commonplace banality, excessively possessive and cloyingly sentimental.
Sorghum's cloyingly sweet syrup, also referred to as "sorghum molasses," is used as a sweetener and table syrup.
Thierry Mugler Womanity Perfumed Body Milk (200ml, pounds 25)] Verdict:This is a cloyingly strong hi i l i l scent which you will either love or hate.
It has built cloyingly magical mountains of national honour, which are so tenuous that they are torn apart even by the most trifling comments about Kashmir, nukes and defence capabilities, but are exceptionally immune to the ignominy of our indicators of ignorance, hunger, and development.
The dialogue, though all essentially true--except that which is obviously not true, as when people break out of their narrative time-space continuum to cloyingly talk about the book itself--has been written from memory, and reflects both the author's memory's limitations and his imagination's nudgings.
Morricone has the Italianate passion for the beautiful, to which he adds qualities of wistfulness, yearning, an exquisite world-weariness that is so European, but not cloyingly sentimental or overly sweet.
I was going to start out whining about wellness--not the concept, the actual word It's so cloyingly New Age, so deceptively benign.