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Synonyms for cloying



Synonyms for cloying

overly sweet

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But the cloying narration and the inclusion of Fonda are just warnings for that moment, 70 minutes in, when this comic chemical train goes completely off the rails.
Glittery, synthetic looking icing with a cloying taste and badly executed snowflake design, gave way to a moist, fruit packed cake but with no discernible taste of alcohol.
As each track attempts to enfold the ears in thick and cloying layers of strings and schmaltzy orchestration, you feel yourself drowning in something with little emotional depth or musical consequence.
To say that the movie is about Scarlet and Him helping each other makes it sound like some kind of groan-inducing, cloying cliche, which, thanks to all involved, it isn't.
Cash has delivered in 2006 a sometimes dark, often chilling, never cloying, and always poignant album in Black Cadillac.
Both are sweetened with Splenda but don't have the cloying, sweet aftertaste of Weight Watchers.
Clinton and Lieberman have proven that they can speak that cloying language, and as 2008 approaches they'll speak it more loudly than ever.
Add to this impression a folksy, hand-crafted look, and what might have been enviable charm begins to congeal--despite its attendant bells and whistles--into a cloying obsequiousness.
While overly earnest in places, the film is neither cloying nor excessively sentimental.
Novelist and playwright, Anthony Hope (of Prisoner of Zenda fame) was quite alone at the December 1904 premiere in reactively longing to invoke a little slaughter of the innocents, commenting with a shudder after sitting through three hours of fairies, baby-talk and cloying make-believe, "Oh, for an hour of Herod.
And in the end, he dispenses with much of the romance of drinking, dives deeply into the temptation-filled grind of staying sober and the inevitability of "sound[ing] like a cloying self-help book," wisdom gained from learning that not dying from alcohol poisoning is the best revenge.
Reading Lolita in Tehran is not unlike the character of the country it describes: often intelligent and involving, as well as elegant, but still too often cloying and oppressive.
Her frank and sometimes cloying sentimentalism de-emphasizes the way this most popular American ritual inevitably reproduced social division and hierarchy as well as solidarity.
And apart from the occasional cloying sentence that owes more to journalism than to analysis, Bate's prose here is fresh and honest, and a model for academics wishing to write for a larger audience.
Equally stunning in movement, but almost cloying in its progression, was Japan's contribution to this Asian feast, the Jo Kanamori solo performed by Megumi Nakamura.