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like a clown

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The works -- ``TooT'' by Dutch choreographer Didy Veldman and ``Noces'' by Flemish choreographer Stijn Celis -- both involve clownlike figures in whiteface and circus makeup, and they both use benchlike set pieces.
Jack and Ennis, one might think, are at least more multidimensional and dignified than the sort of clownlike caricatures who appear in television shows such as Queer Eye for the Straight Guy or films like The Bird Cage (the latter the only explicitly gay movie to gross over $100 million in the United States ["Genres"]).
So often, it is the arrogant, manipulative, vain, clownlike figure of Rabbit, Possum, Coyote, Dog, Turtle, or Raven, among others (the character depends on the tribe but is always the one who thinks he or she knows it all) that ends up learning a hard lesson in humility in the end, much to the amusement of others and maybe as a reminder to others (J.
With their clownlike markings, laughing [Text unreadable in original source.
According to a new survey, a staggering 96pc of the British public said that they preferred the natural look over a clownlike mask.
Yasir Arafat and the pope both put in clownlike cameo appearances in the course of the film.
But only faint cheers, tentative clownlike laughs, in striking contrast to vehicle's confident Germanic growl pulling into the post office parking lot.
The more prevalent, exuberant mood is that of the clownlike god in "Uber Ankunfte.
The parallel is oblique, apparently trivial; but in spite of the parrot's clownlike name (Coco), it is no laughing matter for anyone concerned.
In The Final Martyrs, a clownlike, cowardly giant named Visuke has already failed the test, has stepped on the fumie, but returns to his torturers to retest the faith he has already betrayed.
Throughout Othello, Iago mostly adopts the role of the lead mountebank, and as such is akin to commedia's primo zanni, or in some cases, the Harlequin figure, who can be clownlike, but who is also the mischievous servant and master of intrigue and trickery.
A clownlike peaches-and-cream-colored woman pokes a head and a bare knee out of a doorway.
She said many people think the performers are hippies because the show was first staged in the early 1970s with tie-dyed shirts and clownlike makeup.
A sometime dancer, actress and clown, the Cottage Grove woman sits quietly and fairly unobtrusively, given her clownlike costume, in the corner of the gallery next to a wall label, just like the 59 other art works accepted into the show by this year's jury.