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like a clown

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color) Clownlike whiteface makeup adds a playful dimension to the new works being performed by Les Grands Ballet Canadiens de Montreal at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion.
With their clownlike markings, laughing [Text unreadable in original source.
According to a new survey, a staggering 96pc of the British public said that they preferred the natural look over a clownlike mask.
The more prevalent, exuberant mood is that of the clownlike god in "Uber Ankunfte.
In The Final Martyrs, a clownlike, cowardly giant named Visuke has already failed the test, has stepped on the fumie, but returns to his torturers to retest the faith he has already betrayed.
Throughout Othello, Iago mostly adopts the role of the lead mountebank, and as such is akin to commedia's primo zanni, or in some cases, the Harlequin figure, who can be clownlike, but who is also the mischievous servant and master of intrigue and trickery.
A clownlike peaches-and-cream-colored woman pokes a head and a bare knee out of a doorway.
She said many people think the performers are hippies because the show was first staged in the early 1970s with tie-dyed shirts and clownlike makeup.
A sometime dancer, actress and clown, the Cottage Grove woman sits quietly and fairly unobtrusively, given her clownlike costume, in the corner of the gallery next to a wall label, just like the 59 other art works accepted into the show by this year's jury.
Characters enhancing the action's festive quality include Nuncius (156) as well as the clownlike knights who, though homicidal, are sent packing by their victims' mothers (158-60).
The production is replete with a cast of hundreds and Hollywood-style images, a raft of lovely ladies appearing on parapets in the bright full moon (this dance drama is performed only when nature cooperates); a stunning couple as the decorously amorous principals; a monkey dance; clownlike characters for comic relief; a blaze of fire; and a photo op at the very end.
The protagonist is a failed hero, clownlike and thwarted; there is no homecoming for this romantic visionary.
Thirty-two drawings mounted on two adjacent walls of the gallery depict the sculptures' rudimentary, clownlike figures, with their various permutations of leg, hand, and head positions.
Bright red spots on her cheeks seem clownlike, but also conjure up blood and human frailty.