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like a clown

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In the Netherlands, not normally a country known for clownish politicians, the surge of populism was first led by Pim Fortuyn, a flamboyantly gay man who staged provocative, and always richly entertaining, public appearances.
At this rate, his clownish personality may charm its way right to the top next year.
Boris Johnson, for all his clownish joviality, is leading the way - hammering workers who seek nothing more than a fair day's pay.
Located in a BBC studio, it sets some of Dylan's famous broadcasts and iconic works alongside vivid reminiscences of his clownish antics in pubs, bars and parties, and his encounters with a host of eccentric and volatile women.
Special mention to the clownish, charismatic and rather handsome children's entertainer at the daily mini disco, where I witnessed my two-year-old breaking an Italian girl's heart.
There are about 1,000 pairs of the seabirds, known for their multicolored beaks and clownish appearance, in Maine.
The clownish white faces of the chorus and some leads added to the fairy-tale atmosphere of the work and set designer Eric Bunnel's painted backdrops added a car-toonish beauty Despite the predictability of the story and libretto, director Theodore Baerg held the audience's interest with his excellent sense of physical comedy.
Hague and Cameron are too lightweight and clownish to be heard.
Such practices include in showcasing trivial product or clownish games in public places, or that are not fit to become a serious source for making a living, or pretending being hurt or having wounds or disabilities; or use any other means of duping people with the intent of gaining sympathy.
Often crucially at the centre of the action, he caught the clumsy, clownish aspect of the character to perfection, but also offered subtle hints of a more serious and frail personality.
A politician such as the clownish UKIP leader Nigel Farage has huge influence in England, even though his party does not hold a single Westminster seat.
These works are hard to categorize as architecture or sculpture; neither do they fit the remit of pure "Conceptualism," thanks to their clownish insistence on the materiality and making of the proposed structure.
show, which tackled issues of power and authority through the use of clownish characters.
The Concertino for Bassoon and Wind Instruments, described by the composer himself as a "merry oasis full of well-being", evokes the feeling of clownish laughter through the tears.