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Synonyms for clowning

a comic incident or series of incidents

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It's called The Joey Award - clowns are known as 'Joeys' in honour of the father of clowning, Joseph Grimaldi.
For a full list of Clowning Around activities this week and for the schedule, visit www.
That's one of her favorite memories of the beginnings of her clowning career.
It's a tough life for them, but the convention tries to maintain high standards of clowning.
The English Clown Tradition from the Middle Ages to Shakespeare is a fascinating book filled with important revelations about the significant functions clowning played in the religious and political discourse of early modern England.
We gently introduce ourselves, explain the art of clowning, perhaps even help the person to discover their own inner clown.
Clown doctors are ideally professional clowns, performing artists, or talented actors who have received comprehensive medical clowning training.
PUPILS at a Gateshead school enjoyed clowning around in class.
It can't all be about clowning, we'll do whatever people want us to do.
As Zippo, Martin has been clowning for 30 years and won the equivalent of the Clown Of The Year at the circus equivalent of the Oscars.
CARDIFF has beaten off competition from London, Birmingham and Manchester to host a special clowning show for half-term.
He needs to understand that there is a time and a place for clowning around.
In a nutshell: The mystical and sometimes dangerous art of clowning.
Now looking at the congregation and seeing "kids of all ages," with contented smiles on their faces, I wish I had started clowning years ago.
But there are now more than 50 clowning groups in LA.