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He's a vegetarian," remarked the Tiger, as the horse began to munch the clover.
Upon her silken waist clover leaves were embroidered, and she wore a jaunty little jacket trimmed with sparkling emeralds of a uniform size.
First," was the reply, "I must have a six- leaved clover.
It seems to be the prevailing impression that we live in clover, and have nothing to do but draw our quarter's salary.
Beyond all hurt or harm; beyond your help; for the time when your kind words or kind actions could have done me good,'--he struck his hand upon his breast, and shook his head, 'is gone, with the scent of last year's beans or clover on the air.
Song and singing soon are over As the airy shades that hover In among the purple clover.
Birds flew through the air and cunning white rabbits darted amongst the tall grasses and green bushes; Dorothy noticed even the ants toiling busily along the roadway, bearing gigantic loads of clover seed; but of people there were none at all.
 whistles and, wearing silken bristles, live ever in clover, and
I'm sure I should think I was in clover if I had folks and money, and nothing to do but enjoy myself," began Phebe, but got no further, for a sudden rush and tumble outside made them both jump.
Below the garden a green field lush with clover sloped down to the hollow where the brook ran and where scores of white birches grew, upspringing airily out of an undergrowth suggestive of delightful possibilities in ferns and mosses and woodsy things generally.
There ain't much clover in Carlisle this year of any kind of leaf.
The clover fields along the harbor shore were whitening in the western wind, and Captain Jim had one of his finest sunsets on exhibition.
From experiments which I have tried, I have found that the visits of bees, if not indispensable, are at least highly beneficial to the fertilisation of our clovers; but humble-bees alone visit the common red clover (Trifolium pratense), as other bees cannot reach the nectar.
Eevery Saturday night the Clover Leaf Social Club gave a hop in the hall of the Give and Take Athletic Association on the East Side.
That they were only sowing the clover on fifteen acres, not on all the forty-five, was still more annoying to him.