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of or relating to the cloven feet of ruminants or swine

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Blood samples will be taken from domestic cloven-footed animals that are at risk of infection because of their location near the outbreaks of FMD a in the municipalities of Malko Tarnovo, Tsarevo, Sredets and Primorsko.
My beast was like a cloven-footed reincarnation of Desert Orchid.
Many of the cloven-footed creatures are rare livestock breeds and all are treated like zoo animals.
KB FACT Tarantino claims he had to cut a gory fantasy sequence in which Buck, who tries to rape The Bride in hospital in Vol 1, enters hell and gets raped himself by horned, cloven-footed devils
Sir, - If scientists are told that foot and mouth disease must be eliminated from this island whatever the cost, they are forced to recommend unlimited slaughter, even up to and including the elimination of the nation's herds of cloven-footed animals.
The restrictions are needed because the virus spreads easily and quickly among cloven-footed animals such as pigs, sheep, cattle and deer.