cloven hoof

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the mark of Satan


a hoof divided into two parts at its distal extremity (as of ruminants or swine)


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Summary: ABU DHABI - The import of cloven hoof animals and other related products from Egypt to the United Arab Emirates have been banned by the countryAEs Ministry of EnvironmentC and Water.
There, to her horror, she saw that instead of footprints he left - and here the voice of who ever was telling you this would drop - he left the mark of a cloven hoof.
In the bubbling brew of elements that make up this assuredly self contained and beguiling fifth album from Alison and her collaborator Will Gregory, there's a healthy splash of Madonna essence, blended with zest of Kate Bush, all stirred round with David Bowie's cloven hoof.
As a precautionary measure and because of the high state of alert currently in place due to the recent cases of foot-and-mouth disease, it was decided to immediately check all our cloven hoof stock for any signs of disease and do necessary tests; and as part of our standard precautionary procedures Defra was also alerted.
Beneath their exotic robes lay the cloven hoof of the Malignant One.
Our greed in wanting cheaper and cheaper prices and manufacturers' greed in wanting to make money even out of cloven hoof and shrivelled gizzard?