clove hitch

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a knot used to fasten a line temporarily to a post or spar

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Like a clove hitch, though, neglecting the finishing touches results in an easy solution that may quickly unravel.
A constrictor knot - Holds more securely than a clove hitch.
Occupying the site of the former El Macho, on Hope Street, the Clove Hitch is a world away from the old Mexican restaurant.
There was a nice touch of drizzled sauce in the shape of a clove hitch knot.
So he took the rod that was bent with the sailfish and tied on a boat fender - one of those white bumpers used to prevent vessel hulls from hitting docks - by way of a clove hitch in front of and behind the reel.
I sat among dozens of proud beer geeks this week at the latest Meet The Brewer (MTB) night at The Clove Hitch in Hope Street, where Brad and Gazz from Newport's Tiny Rebel Brewery talked us through eight of their beers.
Further info: Tenerife Tourist Office, Molasses House, Clove Hitch Quay, Plantation Wharf, London SW11 (0171 978 5222).
We use square-lashings, clove hitch knots and bowline knots on the handrails,'' said Anders Yarbrough of Westlake Village, describing knots used to build a rope ``Monkey Bridge.
The 23 Club, based in a cellar below the Clove Hitch restaurant, grabbed third place after an intense social media campaign.
A little bottle shop has opened inside craft beer bar The 23 Club, below the Clove Hitch in Hope Street.
The venue, below the Clove Hitch restaurant in Hope Street, has carved out a bit of a niche as a craft beer hub for Liverpool, with beers from the best microbreweries from the UK and around the world.
And when I met co-founder Paul Seiffert at the Clove Hitch restaurant in Hope Street, he introduced me to two new foxes that will sit alongside Camp & Furnace's Brown Bear in its range.
The man, who asked not to be named, told the ECHO: "I was sat in the Clove Hitch on Hope Street and I saw this traffic warden walk up to the machine and start hitting it.
He took up art as therapy after spending several months in hospital and held his debut show at the Clove Hitch gallery last year.
There was also praise in the Good Food Guide for city centre favourites the London Carriage Works, 60 Hope Street, The Side Door, Spire, Lunya, Salt House Tapas, Host, Hanover Street Social, Etsu, The Clove Hitch, Nova in Heswall, Bistrot Verite in Birkdale, and The Warehouse in Southport.