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Synonyms for cloudless

free from clouds or mist, for example

Synonyms for cloudless

free from clouds


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The bright figure of the child still floated on before me gliding low in the cloudless sky.
Drought is our great enemy, and the two last summers each contained five weeks of blazing, cloudless heat when all the ditches dried up and the soil was like hot pastry.
But when I reached my home and got out of the train into the purest, brightest snow-atmosphere, the air so still that the whole world seemed to be listening, the sky cloudless, the crisp snow sparkling underfoot and on the trees, and a happy row of three beaming babies awaiting me, I was consoled for all my torments, only remembering them enough to wonder why I had gone away at all.
The June roses over the porch were awake bright and early on that morning, rejoicing with all their hearts in the cloudless sunshine, like friendly little neighbors, as they were.
Rebecca stole softly out of bed, crept to the window, threw open the blinds, and welcomed the rosy light that meant a cloudless morning.
The sky was bright and cloudless overhead, and the tops of the trees shone rosily in the sun.
The day was calm and cloudless, and the atmosphere so pure that objects were discernible at an astonishing distance.
Critique: A deftly crafted and entertaining novel by an author with a natural flair for creating memorable characters skillfully embedded in a narrative driven and multilayered storylines, Chris Fabry's "Under a Cloudless Sky" is a truly extraordinary read and unreservedly recommended as an enduringly popular addition to community library General Fiction collections.
Observable meteors or 'falling stars' in the Geminids shower can reach an average rate of 40 per hour under a dark and cloudless sky.
The area surrounding Moose Jaw has a high number of cloudless days, making it a good site for training pilots.
On Monday, as I headed to a Bernie Sanders event at the Philadelphia Free Library on a crisp, cloudless night, I encountered a short man with smudged glasses handing out flyers outside the venue.
And it will be a similar story for the next few days with sunshine and largely cloudless skies predicted for most of the week.
Your Poem High School Mathematics ON CRISP, cloudless winter mornings, When the sun is still not high, You can see the purest blueboard, In the classroom of the sky.
ON THIS DAY LAST YEAR: Under a cloudless sky, a flotilla of "little ships" set sail for Dunkirk to celebrate the 75th anniversary of their famous Second World War mission.
AS the golden slips slowly through the bright and cloudless new morning sky Its warm golden rays are scattered far and wide and as they happily dance a jig Through the fields of golden corn some of those rays slip quietly through The canopy of green leaves and on to the forest floor Bringing life and beauty into eagles cliff forest once more.