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an imaginary place where you say people are when they seem optimistically out of touch with reality

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We encourage homeowners to pick their paint palettes after choosing larger furniture and decor items to ensure a complementary and cohesive color scheme, which is exactly what we did at the Cottage at Cloudland Station," said Yvonne McFadden of Yvonne McFadden Interiors, designer of the This Old House Cottage at Cloudland Station.
Part of that plan was to build a contemplative retreat center, called Cloudland, which we've begun.
Rescue Me (The Cloudland Company/Apostle/Dreamworks/SPT/FX, 2004-11)
Joseph Olshan, author of Cloudland, says, “Fragments of bones, mysterious fires, forensic nightmares, psychological knots are the high watermarks of Notes on a Killing, Rebecca Lavoie's and Kevin Flynn's new investigation of a bizarre crime in rural New Hampshire.
Set in rural Vermont, Cloudland is a contemporary update on a series of unsolved murders in the 1970s and 1980s in New England's Connecticut River Valley.
A doorman refuses to let Frank enter a concert at Cloudland, and the following dialogue ensues:
The sky's unresting cloudland, that with varying play sifteth the sunlight thru' its figured shades, that now stand in massiv range, cumulated stupendous mountainous snowbillowy up-piled in dazzling sheen, now like calm ships on a calm ocean drifting, now scattered wispy waifs, that neath the eager blaze disperse in air; Or now parcelling the icy inane highspredd in fine diaper of silver and mother-of-pearl freaking the intense azure; Now scurrying close o'erhead, wild ink-hued random racers that fling sheeted rain gustily, and with garish bows laughing o'erarch the land.
Magnet School, Nashville; Stan Peppenhorst (Chemistry and Honors Chemistry), Germantown High School, Memphis; and Scott Tester (Middle School Science), Cloudland Middle School, Roan Mountain.
These interior details reveal more or less completely the preexisting forms that the crystals assumed during their youth in cloudland.
To give you an idea, one of the villages in Cloudland, at the top of the beanstalk, is called Aston over Dudley.
Filmed in New York City by Apostle the Cloudland Co.
Orlando 32836 407/352-8009 Mary Harris Moore, Member 3034 Cloudland Dr.
Along with stablemates Moscow Express and Cloudland, Sackville worked on the inside of the racecourse.
Dade Co: Rising Fawn, Beyer's Cave, 3 (UGAMNH); Sitton's Cave, 2 (UGAMNH); Cloudland, 1 mi from Alabama line, 1 (AMNH).