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Synonyms for cloudiness

Synonyms for cloudiness

the state of the sky when it is covered by clouds

gloomy semidarkness caused by cloud cover


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Some studies suggest that nighttime warming has occured in regions where cloudiness has increased, perhaps because of aerosol pollution.
LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 22, 1995--Although Los Angeles Department of Water and Power customers in the Hollywood area may be experiencing turbidity or cloudiness in their water, the water is safe to use.
On the Samsung 7000 model, testers also noticed some cloudiness caused by uneven backlighting in darker scenes, which was a bit distracting.
Her method is based on the balance of energy between a glacier and a wide range of climate factors, including wind, humidity, precipitation, evaporation and cloudiness.
Cataract, which is cloudiness of an eye's crystalline lens, is the leading cause of vision loss among older adults.
Because of inconsistencies in historical observations, trends in cloudiness have been difficult to identify.
They reveal for the first time large, detailed swaths of Earth's topography previously obscured by persistent cloudiness.
Forecasters predicted a high of 106 again for today, accompanied by afternoon cloudiness and a chance of thunderstorms.
They observed that the guanidine lenses became completely cloudy, while the guanidine/carnosine lenses developed 50 to 60 percent less cloudiness.
Inconsistency between the lot number indicated on the box and the lot number indicated on the vial contained in the box * Evidence of overseal damage such as dimpling, buckling, puncture, or any other indications the seal has been compromised * Absence of the vial flip top * Presence of white or other colored precipitate (flakes or foreign matter) in the vials * Cloudiness or discoloration of the solution (it should appear colorless to pale yellow) * In the event someone identifies suspicious product, they should immediately contact Bayer Clinical Communications, 1-800-288-8371, to provide the information and receive further instructions.
Although Los Angeles warmed up a little on Sunday afternoon, forecasters predicted increasing cloudiness today.
Most commercial producers avoid the problem by adding a pectin enzyme to limit cloudiness and sulfites to prevent browning.
The hypothesis they tested was that increased solar activity reduces cloudiness by changing cosmic rays.
Enlargement of the eye, cloudiness of the cornea and sensitivity to light are some symptoms of childhood glaucoma.
Saturday's forecast is cloudiness in the morning, with partly cloudy skies in the afternoon and a high of 68.