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the pelt of a leopard

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large feline of African and Asian forests usually having a tawny coat with black spots

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Some shots are amazing - like the portrait of a clouded leopard female showing sadness in her eyes.
With the reclassification, the scientific name of the clouded leopard from the mainland remains Neofelis nebulosa, while the clouded leopard from Borneo and Sumatra is now called Neofelis diardi.
His stay is interrupted when the ``great Clouded Leopard Spirit'' insists he change back to his original form.
Todd Dalton wants to keep a clouded leopard, and a baby leopard if born, in a cage in Peckham, south London, as part of a breeding programme to protect the species.
The presentation of the leopard and two variants, the clouded leopard and the snow leopard, speaks vividly of life in the wild.
In the section on smaller cats the reader is introduced to some species they may never have heard of before: kodkod, pallas' cat, oncilla, clouded leopard of Asia, the jaguarundi and the margay.
In fact, a clouded leopard died of avian influenza in Thailand.
The canopy is home to the orangutan, the clouded leopard, and the greatest diversity of "flying" animals on Earth.
The clouded leopard died at Khao Khiew Zoo 44 miles south of Bangkok.
A Clouded leopard has died from bird flu in a Thai zoo.
The beautiful mountainside in Sikkim is also a biodiversity hotspot, with many unique fauna such as the clouded leopard and red panda under threat from poaching and habitat loss.
Chris Myers has introduced kids to the Galapagos Islands and the Clouded Leopard.
Had a clouded leopard climbed into their tree and attacked them?
html) a species of clouded leopard  separate from but related to the ones in mainland Asia.