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creeping raspberry of north temperate regions with yellow or orange berries

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with Pics: Marie, Product, Clean Finnish Nature; the Source of Marieos Dreams Cloudberries.
Turner, in Traditional Plant Foods of Canadian Indigenous Peoples: Nutrition, Botany and Use (1991), confirmed that cloudberries are "a staple of Indigenous Peoples of Northern Canada" but only from July to September.
Since it's unlikely that I'll find cloudberries to make jam with in Cairo, I decided to make hasselback potatoes, the baked potato of Sweden, crispy on the outside and fork-tender in the center, served aside a veal roast, as I think back to the short-term friend I had, who moved away before sealing friendships for life, who taught us about the grown-up world of food and men.
Levi Johansson reports a very different traditional attitude toward bakeapples/ cloudberries, and berries in general, in the northern Sweden mountain district of Frostviken.
Cloudberries are largely harvested in the open alpine areas of the Richardson Mountains.
New single Laser Beam is a pop-rocker to equal Rings Around The World, while Cloudberries is a more mellow affair.
It seems that one of the main reasons for the Finns' success in this David & Goliath contest was the inclusion of Finnish Cloud seed oil, derived from the cloudberries that grow on the shores of Finland's hundreds of lakes.
In summer, the mountain slopes are lush with heather, birch forest and the occasional aspen; in season, there are wild cloudberries and blueberries, and in the forests are found chanterelles and other wild fungi.
Place a venison loin in the center and drizzle some venison sauce over the dish and garnish with garlic cloves, garlic peel, cloudberries, and sage.
However, in the Late Bronze and Early Iron Age the grazing pressure on cloudberries would have been lower.
Among the varieties are strawberries, blackcurrants and cloudberries.
After your day-trip and refreshing sauna (sow-nah) you can eat ladled-out reindeer and mushroom stew and cloudberries (boysenberries) with thick frozen cream.
After a main course of catfish with polenta, pudding was pancakes with jam made of cloudberries - a fruit which grows sparsely in swamps.
SCANDINAVIAN beauty company Lumene, whose products include ingredients such as oats, cloudberries and peat, have come to the UK.