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the quality of being light enough to be carried

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Develop cloud portability and interoperability standards to improve government information sharing between systems and the public; and reduce application and storage reengineering and interoperability costs.
With its new built-in recipes, Cloudify provides consistent management and cloud portability for popular big data tools, exponentially reducing the operational and infrastructure costs involved with running these systems.
Pivotal Cloud Foundry enables non-disruptive cloud portability for strategic IT projects and immediate business adoption
bullion fast data analytics is the fruit of a close collaboration between experts from Bull and Pivotal, the company building the first platform to integrate new data fabrics, modern programming frameworks, cloud portability and support for legacy systems.
Cloud Portability - Enterprises can choose to move from one cloud option to another with full support from Vaultize
TOSCA's aim is to enable broad cloud portability by providing an open standard to describe a complex application running on a complex environment.