cloud cover

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the state of the sky when it is covered by clouds

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The majority of our birds were found following nights with [greater than or equal to] 50% cloud cover and northerly winds, with 304 individuals collected (73%).
The following night, Dec 15/16, Gordon MacLeod observing from Bower, by Wick in the far north of Scotland, managed to glimpse three Geminids and a bright sporadic between 21:00UT and 22:00 UT in fair conditions with some cloud cover.
Early estimates of cloud cover were based on surface observations of cloud distribution; this is subjective and lacks spatial information on cloud extent (Spinhirne et al.
A cloud cover made the trek easier than it might have been and brief sprinkles provided additional cooling.
The satellite transmits visible-light and infrared images of cloud cover and data on temperature-humidity profiles back to Earth every half hour.
After three days of balmy weather on Lake Murray, a passing cold front brought cloud cover and plunged temperatures into the 30s, forcing anglers to change tactics for the final round of the $500,000 Wal-Mart FLW Tour.
We have now been able to see entirely through Venus' perpetual cloud cover," says Wesley T.
Aqua's instruments will take climate-related measurements of the atmosphere, cloud cover, precipitation, terrestrial snow cover and sea ice.
As if on cue, Saturday's dreary cloud cover opened up over CSUN the moment American Indian dancers padded into an outdoor arena, kicking off of the school's Spring Powwow with a brief shower of sunshine.
Every half-hour the satellites transmit visible and infrared images of cloud cover as well as temperature profiles of the atmosphere.
AIRS will provide new information about cloud types and cloud cover, and show how they are affected by changes in temperature, evaporation and condensation rates, and atmospheric circulation patterns.
If the rain holds off or is light, however, the conditions could be ideal: A thick cloud cover is expected to shelter the runners from the sun, and temperatures around 50 degrees for the 8:45 a.
ERBE and other experiements measuring cloud cover and composition will help bring out a verdict.
Equipped with a sophisticated sensor suite that can image visible and infrared cloud cover, the satellite collects specialized meteorological, oceanographic, and solar-geophysical information in all weather conditions.
Experts are now scrutinizing three solar variables as likely agents of terrestrial change: the sun's overall brightness, which is seen as affecting temperatures; the sun's ultraviolet rays, which are seen as affecting winds and ozone production high in the atmosphere; and the sun's storms of magnetic fields and subatomic particles, which are seen as affecting rainfall and the amount of cloud cover.