cloud chamber

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apparatus that detects the path of high-energy particles passing through a supersaturated vapor

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According to a report in New Scientist, Paul Connolly from the University of Manchester, UK, will study ice crystal aggregation in the Manchester Ice Cloud Chamber from next year.
Starr Associate Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry at MIT, and his team conducted most of the study's experiments during the summer of 2012 in Karlsruhe, Germany, at the Aerosol Interaction and Dynamics in the Atmosphere (AIDA) facility - a former nuclear reactor that has since been converted into the world's largest cloud chamber.
The event, sponsored by the Institute of Physics, gave teachers the opportunity to build their own cloud chamber, which is large enough to present to a group when they return to school.
But in a cloud chamber events of condensation form a chain meaning the trajectory of this particle.
The team recently fired a powerful laser through a cloud chamber the size of a small box.
One of Europe's most remarkable stalagmite formations, the Cloud Chamber, formed more than 300 million years ago, is included in the programme.
Ammonium chloride, a particulate, is detectable in a cloud chamber.
Their science project, a cloud chamber, serves as a focal point and a metaphor for the storm in Nate's life.
Joyce Maynard's The Cloud Chamber (068987152X, $16.
Some were advances in science, such as the invention of radioactive carbon 14 dating, the cyclotron, the Wilson Cloud Chamber, nuclear fission, etc.
At the heart of Totes Meer, then, is the silent insurgency of the repressed, the final vengeance of the victim that Vaughan also described in Moritur and The Cloud Chamber.
The Cloud Chamber by Clare George (Sceptre,pounds 7.
The program, to be performed in the Lyric Theater April 11-14, comprises solos created by dance legends Michel Fokine, Lotte Goslar, Agnes de Mille, Anna Sokolow, Merce Cunningham, and Daniel Nagrin, cradled between The Cloud Chamber, a new work by company dancer Russell Baker, and a reprise performance of Whitener's A Midsummer Night's Dream.
Tri-Mer has introduced a "second generation" cloud chamber scrubber for the collection of submicron particulate.
Your own ten-year old may take a peek into his future in the murky ball of a midget Wilson cloud chamber, while you borrow his Geiger counter to go prospecting for Uranium," the magazine said.