cloud bank

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a layer of clouds seen from a distance

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Before long, a dense cloud bank of confusion moves in.
My friend Ray Maher and I were amazed when a persistent cloud bank moved away just in time to give us a surprisingly good view of the planet's tiny black spot against the bright solar disk.
A few miles away, extending down from a black cloud bank, a funnel cloud twisted and writhed menacingly, like some sinister living thing.
This became dramatically evident halfway through my shooting session, when a cloud bank rolled in and the day suddenly went gray.
And the view from the top was breathtaking: Morro Bay and its distinctive rock, with Point Piedras Blancas - clear up by Hearst Castle - visible to the north, and Point Sal, near Santa Maria, a faint outline in the offshore cloud bank to the south.
Sadly CORK, where the eclipse was at its fullest at 98 per cent, was shrouded in a heavy cloud bank.
May and Woodruffe were flying at 5,000 ft under a cloud bank when they glimpsed a shadow then heard a bang as Mr Cassait hit the glider's wing.
And with the cloud bank that has settled on me, I'm unsure if I have even reached the top at all.
The absence of water vapor above Venus' cloud bank mystifies scientists, because models of the planet's strong greenhouse effect suggest that vapor plays a key role in maintaining the warming.
Cloud bank commenced operations on August 15, 2001.
And Haze, with its softly mod ulated surface, peaked skyline, and, again, subtle color shifts, might be a cloud bank, or a mountain range under snow.
Yet as I climbed up the Saddle, the car scooted out from beneath the cloud bank into full sunshine, tranquil breezes, and pellucid blue sky.
You can't take your eyes off it -or at least off the cloud bank where it is hiding.
The clouds seemed to follow us, and at about 6,000 feet we drove literally through the cloud bank abutting the mountain.
Mr May and his co-pilot, Mr Phil Woodruffe, from Bristol, who was convicted of the same charge and subjected to the same terms at the appeal, were flying at 5,000ft under a cloud bank when they saw a shadow followed by a bang as Mr Cassait hit the glider 's wing.