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Synonyms for cloture

a rule for limiting or ending debate in a deliberative body

terminate debate by calling for a vote


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4) Since a three-fifths majority is necessary to invoke cloture, this increased use of the filibuster effectively imposes a supermajority vote requirement to approve nominations or pass most legislation in the Senate.
C'est un plaisir et un honneur de recevoir Arnaldo Cezar Coelho pour la cloture de notre seminaire.
the cloture threshold, rather than abolishing the filibuster altogether,
Finally, in 1975 the Senate amended its own rules to reduce the number of votes required for cloture from two-thirds to three-fifths, or for today's Senate, 60 votes.
Jeanne Shaheen, a member of the Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship and a strong advocate of the SBIR, voted for the cloture vote to move to a final vote.
But Republicans can still procedurally delay the actual vote on the extension for 30 hours after the cloture vote.
1) During the congressional, term with the highest number of cloture motions, Senators filed--more than during the term with the second-highest number.
The current Congress is the first in 30 years in which the majority party in the Senate has enough votes to invoke cloture by itself.
Emboldened by President Bush's promise of a veto, the Senate voted on June 26, 2007 to invoke cloture, effectively killing the measure.
Senate rejected cloture 46-53, thereby blocking a vote to pass S.
Following the unsuccessful cloture vote, Senator Ron Wyden (D-Or.
In August, the Senate failed to pass a cloture motion to advance the Estate Tax and Extension of Tax Relief Act of 2006 (H.
3 after Senate Democrats pushed for an immediate cloture vote on H.
Senators have long held fast to the belief that any member should have the right to speak as long as necessary, although a rule was adopted in 1917 called cloture that allows the Senate to end a debate with a two-thirds majority vote.