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Increasing end-user awareness and preference for multifunctional clothing, stringent safety regulations, and design aspects such as comfort are likely to emerge as the most important market drivers.
Buzz-Off clothing can be worn by children of any age, an advantage for parents who have struggled to keep their kids coated with repellent, or who might not want to apply repellent directly to the skin.
Abdu Ahmed, another shop owner in Sana'a, said he had arranged for a clothing shipment, but it was seized and destroyed at the Saudi border.
Mohammad Hakim Satar, deputy chief of the environmental health department, acknowledged his department had not done anything to promote better treatment of used clothing.
Junk In The Trunk Clothing is a completely unique plus-size experience where the store caters to the customer.
The Salvation Army Trading Company collects clothes from more than 300 clothing banks across the city, as carries out door-to-door collections of clothes.
This book presents a detailed discussion of style, the clothing industry and its technical underpinnings, economic history, social decorum, gender, and changing social customs in Florence from the end of the fourteenth to the sixteenth century.
Close cooperation can minimize clothing costs and eliminate risk of supply problems.
Among the Masai tribe of Eastern Africa (spanning the border between Kenya and Tanzania), clothing is also a significant aspect of culture.
The fact that Central America is close to the United States is key to the clothing business--especially considering the United States' high purchasing power, and where seasonal and fashion changes play such a big role in the market.
18 blaze caused an estimated $50,000 damage and destroyed the entire clothing stock at the San Fernando Valley's largest charity, which serves 38,000 poor families each month.
Cold weather clothing--like the extended cold-weather clothing system (ECWCS)--is designed to trap warm, dry air among its fibers and between its layers.
It is worth noting the strong images of nakedness and clothing in these readings.
It starts out in North America or Europe when we contribute clothing to the many depositories set up by charitable organizations.
Recently, researchers published the first research showing that clothing also spreads Aspergillus spores.