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wood or plastic fastener

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Stretch cording as clothesline and use clothespins for displaying pictures.
Clothespins aside, your first step is a little detective work.
MATERIALS Decorative paper * Scissors * Mod Podge * Paintbrush * Twine * Thumbtacks (or nails, if necessary) * Clothespins
Unlike satin bowerbirds, which decorate mating sites with such treasures as pen caps and clothespins, packrat collectibles aren't on display.
Nakanishi's complex installation centered on six large canvases across and around which masses of metal clothespins coalesced into half-formed images, including something resembling a mushroom cloud; he himself appeared in the gallery with his face and body covered with clothespins, surreptitiously attaching pins to passersby.
Use clothespins to hold the strips in place while the glue dries.
Her subject is not just topographical contours or building-defining planes but also boundary-marking fences; then, adopting a completely different scale, she incorporates quotidian domestic forms such as clothespins and bottles.
Each activity lists inexpensive materials required (especially wooden clothespins for making charming figures) and includes clear directions.
where I was borrowed with clothespins, a harrow tooth, broadsides sewn
I found a denim, embroidered, toddler's jumper at a thrift store for $2, came home and sewed the bottom closed, hung it on a hanger and filled it with my clothespins.
Available in cotton, which provides excellent sag resistance and is durable and long lasting (100' x 3/16"), and synthetic fibers, which knots easily and grips clothespins well (50' x 3/16").
Clothespins ride the perch of a laundry line up and down.
Blindfolds are made from 30" felt strips to be clipped into place with clothespins.
Laundry storage and organization products run the gamut from hampers to sorters to drying racks and other accessories, such as clothespins.
The campaign carried over into its trade shows through T-shirts and custom imprinted clothespins that recipients wore for the opportunity to win cash prizes.