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wood or plastic fastener

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Write dates on your mini clothespins and captions on your photos.
At certain points the material's supple hexagonal cells were clipped together by clothespins.
The other is not to attach a bunch of clothespins to your face.
Kimball hopes to revive the manufacture of quality clothespins via small-scale, community-based production.
We made a "gallery" with string and clothespins of drawings and photos girls brought of fave outfits and dress-ups.
We've been given theories such as vapor lock and boiling fuel, and advice that included clothespins, but I don't feel comfortable betting my safety on clothespins.
Clipping clothespins on a plastic cup, stringing beads, and tearing paper are activities that support this development.
Hang white paper on a fence or low clothesline using clothespins.
Unlike satin bowerbirds, which decorate mating sites with such treasures as pen caps and clothespins, packrat collectibles aren't on display.
In addition to cooking ware, Munising also sold towel racks, soap dishes, salt boxes, yarn holders, churn dashers, and laundry utensils, including clothespins and clothes lifters.
with fuchsia and blackberry vines, searching for clothespins, hanging
Materials: 3 square bandanas * 11 pieces of string, each 30 centimeters (1 foot) long * 3 clothespins * watch or stopwatch
Use clothespins to hold them in place, if you need to.
Her subject is not just topographical contours or building-defining planes but also boundary-marking fences; then, adopting a completely different scale, she incorporates quotidian domestic forms such as clothespins and bottles.