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a cord on which clothes are hung to dry

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It's now up to you whether to go with the elephants, the trees or the clotheslines.
Using home delivery carriers G&G ships its outdoor clotheslines in the continental United States.
Well, 20 years later, I'm still using the same clothesline.
One snuggle between two line-dried sheets, and clotheslines would snake their way through every yard in town.
I was too young to pay attention to early-day Trew clotheslines, but I have no doubt there were a lot of patched, flour- and feed-sack drawers flapping in the Texas Panhandle breeze.
However, not everyone likes the look of clotheslines, and some communities have even banned them.
A similar move was also lunched back in February 2005 during which residents were asked to remove all unauthorised structures such as discarded items including sofa sets, parking sheds, clotheslines, and ugly looking satellite dish antennas from the front of their homes.
Regarding The Register-Guard's Oct 13 editorial, my first letter about my revered clothesline was printed a couple of years ago where it made the same point, of allowing clotheslines for all (never mind the elitist snobbery that prohibits them), helping to save the environment and lowering utility bills.
Project Laundry List also will display a series of clotheslines in front of the Capitol to promote the group's mission.
Around 65 of the clotheslines, which have been described as "the world's finest retracting clothesline", have been shipped to the US for inclusion in the celebrity gift packs of environmentally conscious products and green innovations.
The completed works were hung on clotheslines attached to poles made of recycled materials.
A town in the posh Hamptons resort area in New York has lifted a ban on clotheslines.
The barriers to hanging laundry to dry may be neighbourhood covenants against the practice or that clotheslines aren't installed.
The "Right to Dry" movement is challenging the rules established by many community and homeowners' associations, whose governing members believe that clotheslines are eyesores and therefore banned.
Recipients include a theater that gives $2 to every patron who arrives via mass transit, bicycling or walking; a neighborhood association that distributed" retractable clotheslines at its annual cookout and a church that hired youth to go door to door educating residents about climate change.