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a cord on which clothes are hung to dry

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For more information on Clothesline Adventures, LLC and its new online store, visit www.
Camp Clothesline is the first online consignment company for logoed camp clothing.
A sample of Harbhajan's clothesline can be seen in the Punjab dressing room as he has sponsored his team's kit.
He hopes to help young artists forge those connections by turning Clothesline into a hub for them, through group exhibitions and the ongoing Creative Conversations series, which brings artists together to share ideas.
The studio portion of the first class involved students prepping their dense cardboard backgrounds by composing a painting of the sky and realistic-looking clouds, then gluing on a piece of yarn to represent a clothesline.
The Clothesline is a ladies and teen boutique located on the square in Philadelphia.
This third edition text replaces some cases with others that offer more juice in the classroom including Walmart and the impact of locking Mexican employees in the store during the night shift; Wrinkle (negligent clothesline placement); and John B.
I also have a "solar clothes dryer," consisting of some clothesline and a pulley by a window next to my washing machine, kind of like Grandma had.
The company asked consumers to take a seven-day challenge during which they would they wash their clothes in cold water with Seventh Generation liquid laundry detergent and line dry them on a clothesline or drying rack.
Participants received a free retractible clothesline and a drink and a hotdog at the event held in the name of hydro conservation.
Caption: With all eyes on Miami for Super Bowl XLIV, Manchester-based marketing and promotions firm Gigunda Group went the extra mile for Tide laundry detergent--airing some clean laundry on a blocks-long clothesline to raise money and awareness for those in need.
While all of this symphonic painterliness was familiar enough, it was the mechanical clothesline system that took the exhibition an extra step.
Regarding The Register-Guard's Oct 13 editorial, my first letter about my revered clothesline was printed a couple of years ago where it made the same point, of allowing clotheslines for all (never mind the elitist snobbery that prohibits them), helping to save the environment and lowering utility bills.
Muniz brought along "The Clothesline Project," (CP) which was founded by the Cape Cod Women's Agenda in 1990, as a response to the public's ignorance about violence against women and as a way for women to share their stories of violence and survival.
Hundreds of T-shirts of varying sizes recently adorned Ohio's Owens Community College Center for Fine and Performing Arts Mainstage Theatre and Rotunda as the academic institution served as host to a Clothesline Project public display.