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a cord on which clothes are hung to dry

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Nonetheless, like a sock that was missed on the first revolution, the clothesline may be coming back around.
17 and 21, downtown businesses in Concord will be asked to display a clothesline in their shop window.
First and foremost, your clothesline drying system is only as good as the materials it is made from.
Looking out my window one morning after a violent windstorm the night before, I saw a branch dangling from the clothesline in the backyard.
Mobile Home does this most efficiently by piling grid on grid--from the clotheslines to the woven pot holders, the embroidered dish towels to the little wire cage hanging next to them on the clothesline, that inspired her sculpture Isolette, 1999.
Took a career-ending clothesline from Jeff Phillips at Munster and hasn't been heard from since.
The batty blonde appears to have got dressed in the dark then run through a clothesline as she heads for a flight from LA to San Francisco.
Athey is then alleged to have "blotted the designs with pieces of paper towel and hung them over the audience on a clothesline.
Sacyat said Rochelle may have been trying to install a clothesline inside the house at that time because she was holding a galvanized iron wire when she was found.
com/MotherEarthNewsMag) brings the magazine to life with demonstrations of some of our most popular money-saving projects, such as making your own nontoxic household cleaners, building a sturdy clothesline or whipping up delicious homemade cheese, as well as scenes from speeches and workshops at our FAIRS and clips of what we're up to around the office and in our travels.
Each Monday morning, weather permitting, the family wash was sorted, boiled, scrubbed, rinsed and wrung, then carried to the clothesline in baskets and hung out to dry.
FITCHBURG - The Clothesline Project will be on display from noon to 3:30 p.
These appliances are more efficient, but a clothesline still costs less.