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Synonyms for clotheshorse

a framework on which to hang clothes (as for drying)

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a man who is much concerned with his dress and appearance

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Globetrotting clotheshorse Victoria Beckham has been in Los Angeles only a month, but already she's back to work on her dVb denim collection.
Meanwhile clotheshorse Elle Macpherson, 43, looked ghastly and ghostly in her all white gear at a party in her native Oz.
One piece in baby blue-painted wood, for example, suggests a deckchair frame or clotheshorse but stops short of literal portrayal and remains stylistically consistent with its neighbors.
One of Powell's sharpest gags (and costumer Brenda Turpin's coolest coups) involves a dapper young man who is a total clotheshorse.
He is a clotheshorse in the best sense of the word and has got great dress sense.
There was also a Ms Moss, sadly it was Kate's little sister Lottie not the Croydon clotheshorse herself.
Hair extensions that are now dangling from my clotheshorse in the kitchen and a face that's in shock because it's wearing make-up in the daytime.
Kate, a stringy-legged clotheshorse, struggled hard with mumsy small-talk among sick children, William hovered, his sole contribution to the outing the thought that George might play rugger and kept them awake at night (total eye-wash in the light of the new nanny).
Draper and her fabulous wardrobe to give the show what it needed to chronicle the changing fashions of the 60s: a clotheshorse," The Awl (http://www.
London, Jan 19 ( ANI ): One pampered tot who has become a clotheshorse for the world's most famous designers is David and Victoria Becham's little baby Harper.
Two- and- a half years hence, standing statuesque at 5' 9", she looks visibly frail and punishingly thin -- making for a great clotheshorse nonetheless.
I played it safe opting for the Kate Moss regulation festival attire as introduced by the Croydon clotheshorse circa 2005 - short denim shorts/mini and wellies.
Paul Reid gives a ballsy and eventually very effective perf as the younger cousin, Rodolpho, a handsome clotheshorse who captures Catherine's heart but raises Eddie's suspicions that he "ain't right"--that is, that he is gay and duping Catherine to get a green card.