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wood or plastic fastener

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Christmas crackers include the Crystal Palace tape measure, West Ham oven gloves, Albion clothes pegs, astro turf Villa and Bournemouth hard hat
Since its launch, Daniel and brother Paul, who front the company founded by grandfather Solomon Neumann in 1968 with the first-ever ceramic cooker cleaning product, have extended the range from clothes pegs made from recycled plastic into kitchen cleaning lines.
Debbie Ritter, from Fisher, Illinois, makes use of clothes pegs, wire and clay to create the four-inch structure of the amateur singer.
Records attempted included most beads threaded, most number of socks sorted, most sand moved in 30 seconds, most banknotes counted in one minute, most number of basketball free-throws in one minute, fastest text message in English and Arabic, fastest number typing, fastest M&M chocolate sorting using chopsticks, most clothes pegs held in one hand, longest coin spin, fastest game of operation, most shoelaces tied in one minute, most CDs flipped in one minute, loudest shout, loudest scream, loudest clap and loudest whistle.
Try packing some simple items to play games - a friend of mine takes a selection of coloured clothes pegs and fixes them around the park then sends the children in search of them - the first one back with all the pegs is the winner.
New weather-predicting clothes pegs designed by a Birmingham student could stop clean washing from getting drenched in the rain.
What started with odds and ends given to him as a child by friends and relatives has grown into a jam-packed display, including such finds as an old musket, Beeman's chewing gum, clothes pegs and floppy disks.
The lorries, campervans and cars with trailers will take dried and tinned foods, toiletries, vitamins, nappies, clothes pegs, washing lines and a whole range of `basic goods'.
Holly even brings home bras, knickers and socks with clothes pegs still attached.
He heard his little skin and blister calling him, but he ran on as fast as his clothes pegs would carry him.
Protect your perennials WHILE temperatures continue to plummet, protect susceptible plants at night with a sheet of horticultural fleece, which can be held in place using clothes pegs.
Ger remembered seeing a birth on television and he asked his wife Geraldine to fetch two clothes pegs in case they were needed while cutting the umbilical cord.