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wood or plastic fastener

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You get medals for horses doing tap dancing, and bobbing about in a swimming pool with a clothes peg on your nose, so don't tell me darts is less of a sport than those events
Especially when you see this list of actual excuses: A can of BAKED beans landed on my big toe; I was swimming too fast and SMACKED my head on the poolside; my hamster died; the dog ate my shoes; my fish is sicK; I'm in A&E with a clothes peg STUCK on my tongue; my trousers split on the way to worK.
Terry S has erected a rather fetching net cage held in place with a number of those brightly coloured clothes peg you get from one of these 'pound' shops.
The mute swan's bite is just about as painful as a clothes peg on your finger; as for the wings, I've had harder 'whoppings' from Sir's cane at school
She was later seen posing in an ultra-tight white dress, which had a huge clothes peg securing it from the back.
It was so bad that I had to drive to work with a clothes peg holding it down this morning in an attempt to train it to point downwards once more.
STRANGE but true: a student from Brunel University has invented a clothes peg which forecasts the weather.
WHEN inventor Ivor Langford dreamed up a new wonder clothes peg, he knew it wasn't a wishy-washy idea.
Also at the farm was a two-week-old lamb whose broken leg had a leg splint made from a clothes peg.
So I'll very likely clip a clothes peg on my nose and back change in the May 5 election.
Owen Dodds turned his bedroom at his parents' home near Otterburn, Northumberland, into a mini-munitions factory containing pipe bombs, explosive chemicals, a home-made pistol, a bomb timer, and an ignition switch made from a clothes peg, Newcastle Crown Court heard.
For example, it can be used as a clothes peg holder, a sick bag for the rear seat of a taxi, a plumber's briefcase, a rainmate or even an Action Man parachute.
On Nose Peg Day the public should be encouraged to wear an emblem of a large nose, preferably in a grubby brown colour wrinkled against the smell, with a clothes peg firmly clipped on it.
Her device has a registered design and is a clever alternative to the conventional clothes peg.