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any of several small yellowish or buff-colored moths whose larvae eat organic matter e

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David Cross, head of the pest experts' technical training academy, said: "The indoor population of clothes moths has been bolstered by the early onset of spring.
She said: "It could be these mild, damp conditions that have encouraged the breeding of the common clothes moth and case bearing clothes moths, who are the main clothes-eating culprits.
Little stubs of hair chewed up by a clothes moth caterpillar contain enough DNA, or genetic material, to identify the person the hair came from.
The clothes moth is the snobbiest of all the insects.
The pests likely to wreak most havoc on the nation's heritage include the furniture beetle, the clothes moth and th e carpet beetle.
THERE are few housewives who have not suffered from the ravages of clothes moth and often, even with the utmost care, it is difficult to eliminate them.
The common clothes moth adapted so quickly to a diet of human fabrics, which are very recent in the evolutionary timescale, that it now faces extinction because of the move to synthetic fibres in clothes and carpets.
Larvae of the common clothes moth used to find an ideal habitat in homes where clothes were shut away in dark wardrobes and floors were covered with woollen rugs or carpets.
Provision of estate-wide planned and responsive pest control services to include a wide range of pests including (but not limited to) mice, rats, crawling insects and flying insects such as clothes moths.
David Cross, from Rentokil Pest Control, said: "The indoor population of clothes moths has been bolstered by the early onset of spring and the unusually mild winter.
Common clothes moths and their larvae thrive in warm, enclosed environments such as wardrobes and feed on animal fibres such as wools and silk.
Clothes moths fit into the same category, and indeed, much of the damage to woollens attributed to clothes moths is really the work of carpet beetles.