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Little stubs of hair chewed up by a clothes moth caterpillar contain enough DNA, or genetic material, to identify the person the hair came from.
The clothes moth is the snobbiest of all the insects.
Moth expert Ron Elliott said, 'The common clothes moth was once very numerous but now we've got a lot of synthetic stuff it is almost extinct.
There will also be a display of pest species affecting museum artefacts, some of which are also found in homes, such as woodworm, carpet beetles and clothes moths.
Colm Moore, technical manager of pest control firm Rentokil said: "Common clothes moths and their larvae thrive in warm, enclosed environments such as wardrobes, and their larvae feed on keratin which can be found in natural fibres like cotton and linen - common in vintage clothing.
Clothes moths fit into the same category, and indeed, much of the damage to woollens attributed to clothes moths is really the work of carpet beetles.
One woman died from pesticide applied in the closet of her Cairo apartment to kill clothes moths.
We don't get the harsh frosts like we used to, so pests like silverfish, deathwatch beetle and clothes moths are thriving and causing damage to priceless wooden furniture, woollen antique clothing and valuable paintings.
The next day, a pest control company diagnosed the problem: clothes moths.
Vale of Glamorgan MP John Smith has received a letter from the House of Commons accommodation manager telling him his office in the Palace of Westminster is plagued by clothes moths which are nibbling through the carpets and curtains.
The grass and Eric's fur are ideal habitats for potentially destructive critters such as clothes moths, or the caterpillar of Anthremus, the museum beetle.