clothes hamper

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a hamper that holds dirty clothes to be washed or wet clothes to be dried

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Replacing three drawers with one huge drawer allows you to hang pants or store two clothes hampers.
Instead, she now has the coolness of a corner unit that's an all-in-out wall shelf, a zebra-print storage chest, an electric-blue clothes hamper and a way-cool place to stash CDs (a strip of sheet metal was twisted into a curly-cue shape and attached to the wall).
Not to mention the large clothes hamper which would be of no use since, by my observation her dirty clothes are simply dropped directly onto the floor, presumably to protect the carpet from excessive wear.
One girl who loved baby-sitting became so frustrated after two days that "baby" was thrown in a clothes hamper and covered to drown out the cries.
Undaunted, Franklin had then tried to determine the effect of a lack of sunlight on plants by putting a potted geranium in the bottom of the clothes hamper.
A giant white clothes hamper on wheels is carted around the stage and used as a prop for hiding dancers and dolls.