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a dryer that dries clothes wet from washing

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After spending some time in a room with the clothes dryer, he reported to the sales team, "You can't sell this thing.
These chemicals are even more dangerous when heated in a clothes dryer.
The 2015 Laundry Appliance Satisfaction Study is based on more than 7,000 evaluations from customers who purchased clothes washers and/or clothes dryers during the past 24 months.
Contract awarded for Clothes Dryer And Bicycle Awards Service Activity Welfare Benefit.
The clothes dryer is one of the most energy-intensive appliances in the home," explained Kevin Carpenter, Chief Engineer at Porticos.
Whirlpool also has won the ENERGY STAR Emerging Technology Award for the most efficient clothes dryer ever to be introduced into the U.
For caught in the screen of the clothes dryer is not only the detritus from the maelstrom of the machine but also the integral substance of the fabrics being dried.
Music critics, like newborns, love falling asleep to the safe hum of the clothes dryer or washing machine.
Rourke's family of four is careful about its electricity use, and a propane-powered refrigerator and clothes dryer help reduce the load.
The eighteen small works in Bill Davenport's latest show ranged from boyish sight gags like Bummer, 1999, an enameled bean can and golf ball arranged to suggest a missed putt, to the inscrutable fluff of Pair of Lint Sculptures, 1998, in which a couple of fat, ill-formed pancakes made from the detritus of a clothes dryer are displayed with absurd care on a neat little white shelf.
I also have a "solar clothes dryer," consisting of some clothesline and a pulley by a window next to my washing machine, kind of like Grandma had.
The new smaller version has features that follow the tradition of the Sunshine Clothes Dryer in that they are well thought out and useful.
homes have a clothes dryer, and these appliances account for approximately six percent of residential electricity consumption.
They have gone nearly extinct now, replaced by the electric (or gas) clothes dryer, which offers no charm but great convenience, especially on rainy days.