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someone who designs clothing

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Claire Tymoshyshyn, clothes designer and one of the organisers of the craft market.
WEALTHY New York clothes designer Mary Haines thinks she has a perfect marriage, until she learns her husband is having an affair with a salesgirl at Saks.
THE Premier League's latest big money star leads a surprising double life - as a women's clothes designer.
Clothes designer Hugo Boss will take a 4,000 square foot unit on The Hayes while footwear shop Kurt Geiger will take a smaller 2,324 square foot unit, also facing The Hayes.
A CARPET cleaning service, a clothes designer and a firm of smallholder consultants were among the finalists of this year's Wales YFC Enterprise Competition.
I have no idea whether clothes designer Bruce Oldfield has done enough housework to qualify him for the job of transforming old Jesmond Road into a total of 18 pounds 2m homes (sad to say I can still remember when the trolley buses went along there and the policeman at the Hancock junction directed the traffic).
Emma, who lives with her clothes designer sister Jillian, now wants a break from the dating game to concentrate on her career.
Prodded by his girlfriend, Lakers head coach Phil Jackson has adopted a new, oh so So Cal look that's inspired by Feng Shui and given form by a hair stylist and clothes designer.
com), the maternity clothes designer, was named ECMOD's best transactional website in its turnover class.
Clothes designer Catherine Hickman, 31, was due to hold a fashion show in the World Trade Centre on September 11, 2001.
BRITISH clothes designer Wayne Hemingway has launched an attack on the fashion industry, saying that models are "best out of it".
Clothes designer Sara Porch will give tips on customising and making garments as part of a programme of guest speakers and live demonstrations.
Gonzalez, the grandmother, was a native of Culiacan, Mexico, who came to the United States more than 18 years ago to become a clothes designer in various factories in the San Fernando Valley.
NEW YORK -- Isabella Oliver, the maternity clothes designer, is launching its fast-growing maternity wear mail order and online retail operation in the United States.
POP star Lily Allen has blasted her clothes designer rival Kate Moss for being a bad role model for kids.