clothes basket

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a hamper that holds dirty clothes to be washed or wet clothes to be dried

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I do not know, Mom said, looking through the clothes basket.
Prior to participating in HealthAbility, I had to push my clothes basket into the laundry room with my foot because I couldn't lift it," she says.
The best part was when the woman popped out of a clothes basket sitting near a clothes line and the backing dancers stood there with giant knitting needles pretending to knit while wearing wedding dresses.
Dirty clothes, for example: If you usually toss them on the floor, put a clothes basket behind your door.
One never can tell when your need," Perry said, "a clothes basket, a rake, or an old iron bed.
Because common courtesy seems to go out the (double- glazed) windows when people are house hunting so that they think nothing of pulling open your bottom drawer, inspecting the interior of your dirty clothes basket and - as happened with one prospective buyer - checking out the contents of your fridge.
My own husband, who is uncertain about the whereabouts of the vacuum cleaner and cannot seem to remember how to perform simple little tasks such as pulling the loo chain or putting his socks in the dirty clothes basket, can nonetheless list every No 1 hit single from 1961-1985 (naming not only the song and the artist but also the record label.
An amazing 3,421 people were injured by clothes baskets and 165 by place mats.
The DTi's home and leisure accident surveillance system also suggests that we should beware of place mats, which caused 165 accidents and clothes baskets (3421).