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a flat woolen cap with a stiff peak


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The male-dominated cloth-cap image of brass bands has been blown away in South Wales, where young musicians of both sexes are now playing the theme to Harry Potter.
She's worked hard with her accent, but she sometimes uses a word or phrase that instantly drops her into the cloth-cap bracket.
And at a time when the sport seems to be trying to shed the cloth-cap image, you'd think they could.
I hated all that old cloth-cap stuff because it didn't work.
Pigeon racing is seen as a bit of a cloth-cap sport, but this proves that it isn't.
RUGBY LEAGUE is trying to shed its cloth-cap image and, thanks to Sky's superb coverage, it has made significant progress away from the game's northern heartland since the Super League was dreamed up, writes Mark Worwood.
An angry young student and a 67-year-old cloth-cap socialist shamed Labour ministers yesterday.
Unfortunately the term creates an image of the cloth-cap past and hardly reflects present-day achievements of the city.
THEY laid my pal Gordon Grant to rest yesterday and Nuneaton and Bedworth clubland has lost another of its cloth-cap stalwarts.
Mr Alan Meale is the last-known surviving member of what has been an endangered species for years - a cloth-cap Labour MP.