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a flat woolen cap with a stiff peak


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Plenty of tobacco smoke, cloth caps and bowler hats on show at St James' Park in 1901, from BFI Player
In 1911, men could be ranked in descending order by top hats, bowler hats, trilbies or cloth caps.
REMEMBER, earlier this week, we warned about David Cameron and his fancy dress Tories dressing up in cloth caps and stealing Labour's ideas?
She said: "With pigeon racing people think of cloth caps and clogs while falcons are beautiful.
So if you see them in cloth caps and Barbour jackets wandering round Broad Street one weekend, don't worry.
And it's not the world of cloth caps and pigeon poo you once knew it as.
IF getting stuffed 6-2 wasn't bad enough, Blackburn fans were left spluttering under the peaks of their cloth caps at the Emirates Stadium last weekend.
What we need, therefore, is more hats: proper ones, from cloth caps to trilbies, homburgs, bowlers and toppers.
I hate to to break it to them,but cloth caps are the least of their worries.
SOME people still remember the days when the Labour Party was a movement dominated by cloth caps worn by the horny-handed sons of toil and the Tories were a party of top-hatted toffs.
CLOTH caps and sawdust are firmly in the past as the oldest working men's club in the country settles into new premises in Coventry city centre.
Said Dennis: "We don't all wear cloth caps, own whippets and live on cobbled streets up here.
Labor some time ago ceased to be the party of cloth caps, beer and sausages, and, as the campaign wore on, even its signature red color became a soothing purple.
Shelby continues to add new fabrics for the men's and women's lines of cloth caps, available in multitudes of colors and patterns, which for men include Urban, Sports and Executive designs.
Hang up your cloth caps and concentrate on the needs of the modern working population.