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Synonyms for cloth


Synonyms for cloth

artifact made by weaving or felting or knitting or crocheting natural or synthetic fibers

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It was covered with a scarlet cloth, which prevented the device from being seen.
He can judge best what the cloth is like, for he has intellect, and no one understands his office better than he.
It was dropped, and I picked it up, and found in the cloth, in gold and silver coins of all sorts, more than fifty crowns, which fifty times more strengthened our joy and doubled our hope of gaining our liberty.
They were naked, save for swathings of scarlet cloth about the middle; and their skins were of a dull pinkish-drab colour, such as I had seen in no savages before.
Slowly the priest ascended the steps and placed his shining sun on the lace cloth.
He drew the cloth from the child's face, and it smiled sleepily at Kim.
This was the treasure house of the band, and thither Robin Hood went and, unlocking the door, entered the chamber, from which he brought forth a bag of gold which he gave to Little John, to pay Hugh Longshanks withal, for the cloth of Lincoln green.
asked Napoleon, noticing that all the courtiers were looking at something concealed under a cloth.
They were clothed in a sort of tunic of light cloth which reached to the knees.
Vasili Andreevich left the cloth unadjusted and went up to the sledge.
He was clad in a thin undershirt and a strip of cotton cloth, that wrapped about his waist and descended to his knees.
Pulling the stick of dynamite out from the twist of his loin cloth and glancing at the cigar to be certain it was alight, he rose to his feet with leisurely swiftness and with leisurely swiftness gained the rail.
And I saw below the edge of the cloth the marks of hands on your throat--forgive me, but we have not been used to keep such things from each other.
I have here my bales of cloth which I carry to Cahors--woe worth the day that ever I started on such an errand
John Harned was seeing it for the first time, and he could not escape the excitement--the sight of the man, armed only with a piece of cloth, and of the bull rushing upon him across the sand with sharp horns, widespreading.