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a kind of pharmaceutical that can break up clots blocking the flow of blood to the heart muscle

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This can prevent heart attacks, without causing side effects normally associated with clot busters.
IMTECH's research in clot buster molecules will help provide an affordable treatment to heart patients.
Once properly placed at the site of a blood clot by a trained physician, the CLOT BUSTER circulates and breaks down the clot to a liquified state.
The seasoned neurologist elaborating his stance said life saving clot busters needed to be administered to stroke affected patients is yet to be registered by Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan.
Some test alternative clot busters that may be less likely than tPA to provoke bleeding.
In the first section of this fair and forthright book Baruch Brody takes us through the development and dissemination of the clot busters, or thrombolytic agents.
However, a new study questions whether these powerful, so-called clot busters are safe for the oldest heart patients.
Previous studies of full-dose fibrinolytic agents, commonly referred to as clot busters, have reported that less than 50 percent of heart attack patients achieved normal restoration of blood flow within 60 minutes.