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the regular time of day when an establishment closes to the public

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The director of Cairo facilities police, Major General Ismail Ezz Al-Din, said the imposition of closing times would cause hostility between policemen and shop owners.
I would appeal to landlords throughout Flintshire and Denbighshire to consider how they are handling their cash and to consider staff safety at closing times.
Remove set closing times and you'll see fewer people on the streets at once.
Licensing officials had investigated the possibility of imposing a 4am closing time on all pubs and clubs across Kirklees.
We have got closing times at a number of premises which shut at the previous time of 11 or 11.
Short-sighted governments are to blame for enforcing closing times as a work ethic policy to safeguard the economy.
Opening and closing times vary according to the time of year, so check first by phoning 01536 485454 or visiting www.
Personally, I think the official closing times are too early anyway.
Cycle times for producing and distributing reports at most companies are about the same as closing times.
By working with CapitalThinking, brokers can increase deal flow and expedite closing times by effectively automating their back offices and harnessing the power of the Internet for their clients.
A web shop is almost a must-have extension for every sales organization, simply because you give access to your merchandise 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without closing times.
In the face of the protest, the students offered to limit bar closing times to 12.
In my own ward there are a number of pubs in areas which also have residential properties and it could be that my constituents will now have to suffer lots of closing times with the associated nuisance rather than it all being over by midnight or thereabouts.
HOW will staggered closing times and 24-hour drinking resolve anything?
Leamington has four nightclubs open until 3am at weekends and three pubs with closing times between midnight and 1am at weekends.