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the regular time of day when an establishment closes to the public

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People who have reached the food outlets before the closing time will not be hassled by law enforcing agencies.
Closing Time is set in a pub about to call a final "time please" and centres around a family gathering for a wake.
EZ Coordinator simplifies real estate transactions for agents, brokers, and transaction coordinators, and Closing Time helps buyers manage their acquisition.
The closing time will not be enforced against stores catering primarily to tourists.
It emerged that the man, who gave his name as 31-year-old Mr Lee Kukkeong from Kuala Lumpur and who was staying at a Conwy hotel, hadn't heard the bell to alert visitors to closing time.
Offer valid from Saturday, March 24, 2012 until shop closing time on Sunday March 25, 2012.
All you have to do is fill in the coupon and take it to your nearest Greggs shop before shop closing time on Friday, March 23.
Licensing officials had investigated the possibility of imposing a 4am closing time on all pubs and clubs across Kirklees.
A bank worker said closing time before Christmas was a notorious time for robbers to strike.
Jenny Law said The Honey Club in High Street, Solihull, was at its busiest just before its current 4am closing time with customers doing business at the NEC among those passing through its doors.
Closing Time is a correction to glib paeans about "the Greatest Generation" and a fascinating depiction of white ethnic poverty.
She added: "Two weeks ago we warned texts were circulating calling on loyalists to gather at pub closing time.
Debenhams are keeping their "25 per cent off everything" promotion going until closing time today due to massive customer demand.
A Home Office spokesman said: "Since the introduction of the Licensing Act in 2003 the average closing time across England and Wales has only increased by around 20 minutes and the volume of crime and disorder has remained stable.
The shop, at 80 Thames Road, Redcar, wants to stay open until 10pm, Monday to Saturday, rather than the existing 7pm closing time.