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(stock market) the price of the last transaction completed during a day's trading session

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There have been complaints over stock closing prices not representing patterns of supply and demand of trading operations.
For those who want the information today, the closing price of each individual stock is available at no charge through the Daily News' stocks quote phone line.
276 shares of BB&T common stock for each of the 2,439,916 outstanding shares of First Fincorp common stock, unless BB&T's average closing price for the 10 trading days ending 10 days prior to the closing date is less than $26.
In the Westhoff Ranch acquisition the final closing price of $17.
The Fair Value Evaluation Service creates a price adjustment factor to be applied to the local market closing price of an equity, and a confidence interval, which assists mutual fund managers in deciding whether or not to apply the fair value evaluation for a given security.
Therefore, the changes as of the close of May 31, 2002 for these markets will use closing prices of May 30, 2002.
Based on Friday's closing price of AngloGold ADRs on the New York Stock Exchange, AngloGold's revised offer represents an implied value of A$1.
7 million of this financing will be represented by the investment of cash in exchange for a number of shares of Class A common stock based on the average of the closing prices of EasyLink's Class A common stock for the 10 consecutive trading days prior to the closing.
Outside of that range of SunGard closing prices, the exchange ratio is subject to downward and upward adjustment, with a minimum and a maximum exchange ratio of .
0% premium over the average of the closing prices of Brylane common stock on the New York Stock Exchange over the past 30 trading days and 60 trading days, respectively.
15, 1998 each Radiance stockholder must elect to receive, as the value of CVD Common Stock to be issued as part of the merger consideration, either: (i) the Average Closing Price, which shall be the average of the closing prices for CVD Common Stock for the twenty trading days preceding the closing, or (ii) $3.
In the second step, Pennzoil and the UPR subsidiary will merge in a transaction in which each remaining Pennzoil share will be exchanged for a number of UPR shares, determined, within a pricing collar of $25 to $30, by dividing $84 by the average of the closing prices of UPR common stock for the twenty consecutive trading days ending five days prior to the meeting of Pennzoil shareholders called for the purpose of voting on the proposed merger.
In terms of price adjustment provisions to the acquisition price, if VFSC's average closing prices during the applicable 20-trading day valuation period is between $29.