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the act of isolating something


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ECHO Reporter ``In some parts of Merseyside cases of these crimes have been halved simply by closing off the alleyways.
Effectively closing off the area for mining, the act was protested by Utahns, including Utah Governor Mike Leavitt, as a cynical last-minute political ploy pandering to the environmentalist vote while punishing a state that would vote against Clinton no matter what.
But when the head is tipped back, closing off the airway relies more on manipulation of the tongue.
The shale had swollen and sloughed into the lateral closing off the production flow to the main wellbore.
VALENCIA - A construction crew using a backhoe to dig in a residential street ruptured a natural gas line, forcing the evacuation of three homes and closing off the street for three hours, authorities said.
A CHEMICAL tanker spilled its load today closing off the road into Barry Docks.
Embolization is a minimally invasive procedure that can reduce tumors and vascular malformations by closing off the blood vessels that feed them.
Los Angeles International Airport has been hit with losses of $800,000 to $1 million a day because of reduced passengers and security precautions such as closing off the central terminal parking, Fujioka said.
While the panel's report scolds the Clinton administration for its laggard response in closing off all potential avenues for espionage, it ought to realize this is an institutional problem that began more than two decades ago and continued through the Carter, Reagan and Bush administrations, while security resources were focused on the Soviet Union.
and police rushed to the scene, closing off Platt Avenue at Victory Boulevard and evacuating about 100 residents as well as occupants of nearby businesses and a public library branch across the street.
They do a good job of closing off the passing lanes and disrupting your offense.
The situation is obviously likely to become more dangerous so we will be closing off the road for the rest of the evening.
The rebels said they were closing off camps south of Kisangani to restore order after Zairians living near the camps went on a rampage, looting and stoning foreign journalists and aid workers.